Orwell’s Essay on Writing

Check out an interesting article about writing well in English by George Orwell called POLITICS AND THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE (1946).

Here’s an interesting part of the essay (I broke down the questions by line):

A scrupulous writer, in every sentence that he writes, will ask himself at least four questions, thus:

What am I trying to say?
What words will express it?
What image or idiom will make it clearer?
Is this image fresh enough to have an effect?

And he will probably ask himself two more:

Could I put it more shortly?
Have I said anything that is avoidably ugly?


I think the following rules will cover most cases:

(i) Never use a metaphor, simile or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.
(ii) Never use a long word where a short one will do.
(iii) If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.
(iv) Never use the passive where you can use the active.
(v) Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday English equivalent.
(vi) Break any of these rules sooner than say anything barbarous.

Thanks to Jason Pomerantz for recommending this essay!

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Chinese Philosopher…

“Last night, I dreamt I was a butterfly, and now that I am awake I don’t know anymore if I’m a man who dreamt he is a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming I’m a man.”

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NPR set about Louis Armstrong

Listen and read about it at: ‘Pops': Louis Armstrong, In His Own Words.

I’m a big fan of Pops!

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Photo Stories

I like the idea of telling a story through a series of photos. It can be done with or without text. The story can be concrete or abstract. It can be a series of photos to simply get a feeling across.

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An Autumn Day at the Shore
















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Bittman on Bloggingheads – A Conversation about Food

I’d like to start a conversation about healthy living and eating… hard for most of us… and it requires constant vigilance.

Here’s an interesting conversation with Mark Bittman. I don’t agree with all of what he says (not sure if I agree about taxing certain food). Yet he has some good ideas that are worth considering…

Favorite quote from the show by Bittman: “No particular ingredient, no particular meal, no particular day, week, even month matters that much, if you see the big picture… I’m going to move my eating in a better direction and it’s as simple as that and you have to act that way.”

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Orange Leaves on Black and White


I find it interesting to shoot at dusk.  It gives the background a monochromatic quality.  Yet, if you’re near something colorful, it can make it stand out.

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Swans in Black and White








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NPR – The Decade’s 50 Most Important Recordings

This is cool if you want to be exposed to some of this decade’s music…

The Decade’s 50 Most Important Recordings

I particularly enjoyed the section on classical music – beautiful! I also enjoyed listening to Amy Winehouse (she has a great voice) and Wilco.

Can’t believe the decade’s almost over!  Can you?

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Hello world!

Welcome to Lisa Yannucci’s very own blog… not currently related to anything else… but really just whatever I want to post… because right now… no one’s reading me here!

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